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Hiking Trails

Panther State Forest has four trails suitable for hiking.

Drift Branch Trail

Difficult.  1.7 miles, one way.  Out and back trail.
Drift Branch Trail starts behind the Group Camp. The first section is steep and then it goes along a contour until you reach a drain where the trail follows the drain. Hikers will then cross two roads until you get to the powerline right of way. The trail then crosses the powerline right-of-way. At the top of the hill you reach the fire tower. You should allow three to four hours to complete the whole trail. At the fire tower, you may have cell service.

Loop Trail

Difficult. This is the least utilized trail on the forest. This trail is approximately 2 miles and is hard to follow on several sections and is recommended for experienced hikers.

Overlook Trail

Difficult. ¾ mile.
Access this trail from either the campground or Georges Fork. There are good views along this trail. This trail is approximately

Twin Rocks Trail

Moderate. ¾ mile.
This is the easiest trail to hike at Panther State Forest. Start off on the Drift Branch Trail then make a right where the trail leads around a contour. Cross the powerline right-of-way and go down an old tram road and back out onto the main road.

Note: When the Group Camp is occupied both the Drift Branch and Twin Rocks trail can be accessed from the foot bridge downstream of the Group Camp.


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